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RealFlow_v5_x32Bit {Sanpork}


                         NEXT LIMIT REALFLOW V5.0


RealFlow is a unique fluids and body dynamics software package which allows
you to simulate anything from a single drop of water to a massive tsunami
crashing across a beach, sweeping debris in its wake.                                       ³
RealFlow remains the definitive tool for the creation of flawlessly realistic
simulations, and has been used to produce some of the most ground-breaking
visual effects ever seen, in movies like "Avatar", "District 9", "2012",
"GI Joe", and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", as well as commercials,
TV programs, and game cinematics.

Installation Note :

(A) RealFlow 5 standalone:

1. Install RealFlow.

2. Extract the crack in RealFlow dir (

3. Start RealFlow, if it's a fresh install the local
   license manager should open automatically, otherwise
   start it from the menu Tools > License manager.

   Delete any demo license then add license and import
   (from file) the included license (license.txt).

4. That's all, you can enjoy RealFlow 5.

(B) License manager (for network rendering and RenderKit):

1. Install Next Limit license manager.

1. Open a command prompt (Windows+R, then type 'cmd' Enter).

2. CD to the directory of the license manager:

   cd "C:Program Files (x86)Next LimitLicence Manager"

3. Stop the service:

   nl_license_manager.exe -t

4. Extract the crack ( in the dir (overwriting files).
   The preconfigured options file should be there now (nl_license_manager.ini).

5. Restart the service:

   nl_license_manager.exe -s

6. You can check that the license is correctly
   installed by opening your web browser and enter
   your local network IP with port 2226.

   For example:

   Check included screenshot (rf5-license.jpg).

7. You can now install and use RenderKit and Job Manager.

8. Enjoy it!



lepercon at 2010-06-08 01:59 CET:
I was about to comment that the .dll file in the crack zip needs to be put in the realflow program files directory until I just saw that the instructions clearly state that you need to do so.I [heart] sanpork.
kworx at 2010-06-14 13:17 CET:

been waiting forever for this, hope they have the 3dsmax 2010 plugin.
rajat86 at 2010-06-15 23:08 CET:

whenever i paste txt file into licence it says invalid licence.plz help
ThatGuyYouMightKnow at 2010-06-17 08:11 CET:

Nice. This shit is tight.
—chica— at 2010-06-18 19:37 CET:

when i try to import license from file i’m getting licence exspired. i even tried to copy n past the licence. still came up exspired. PLEASE HELP
BrotherKid at 2010-06-20 16:31 CET:

in directory: Programmes/Next limit/Real Flow5delete file RFGUI and copy/paste the RFGUI file which is given in directory Crack
then relaunch RealFlow to copy/paste the license.It has worked for me. Good luck
nilsepils94 at 2010-08-12 18:53 CET:

Why is There No C4D Plugin? Now I cant use it… any other way to do this?
ItsmeTaraLee at 2010-08-21 16:32 CET:

@ nilsepils94 and anyone else who wants a plugin for C4D. I found that this works for me using RF 5 with Cinema 4D 11.5
(just copy the v10 file into the plugins folder in Cinema) :]
hunterh12 at 2010-09-26 19:14 CET:

Im confused actually, the very 1st thing it says is to install Realflow, and i dont know where/how to do that. I cant find it in the files anywhere and its just got me all lost, any help would be much appreciated.
Thedarkaeon at 2010-10-01 14:04 CET:

I ve got everything done but it crashes always when some scene view manager loads… Im running this on W7 x64
iTestedIt at 2010-11-09 08:12 CET:

This works perfectly as long as you follow all instructions.No viruses.
No glitches.
No hidden Passwords.
Licence file works fine.I Tested It.
chirutha at 2010-12-05 20:51 CET:

Thank you for your upload
But could you please upload ReaFlow for 64bit version
CSRstudios at 2011-03-14 19:21 CET:

Thank you so much…the works, i have been trying so hard to get off of the pile of shit demo version. THANK YOU!!
realflow100 at 2011-03-18 04:53 CET:

It all works 100%!!! for anyone who can’t get it working read all the instructions over again very carefully
pirateman247 at 2011-04-03 09:42 CET:
Hey Sanpork !!!! I did everything you said in the instructions but still it keeps saying invalid license !!! I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit !!!

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