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smoke on mac (crack) comments

Ok, I got it to work, so I’ll try to put together a little guide for installing Smoke SP3. This is the way I did it, and it worked for me. (I don’t understand why they didn’t include instructions in the release…??)

1. First of all, I unpacked the files on my PC using WinRAR. I’m sure you could use another program, or unpack it directly on the Mac, but my BT-computer is a PC. If you are having trouble unpacking the files you may need to rename them, so your RAR unpacking program understands the files. To make it easier for unpackers to understand, rename the first file “.001″ to “.rar” and then rename the second file “.002″ to “.r01″, and the third file “.003″ to “.r02″, and so on, etc…

2. After unpacking open the .DMG-file and run the installer with the default values/options.

3. In Finder go to: “Macintosh HD/Applications/Autodesk/Smoke 2011 SP3/” and right-click the file “Smoke 2011 SP3″ and press Show Original. This will take you to the original install directory.

4. Now right-click “Smoke 2011 SP3″ again and press “Show Package Contents”. Navigate down to “Content/MacOS”. Here you find the ACTUAL “smoke” executable file.

5. Delete the original “smoke” file. And replace it with the “smoke” file from the PANTHEON-directory. (The crack-directory.)

6. Open a terminal window.

7. write the following:

cd /usr/discreet/smoke_2011.SP3/bin/

sudo chown root:wheel smoke

sudo chmod 4755 smoke

8. In Finder go to: “/usr/discreet/wiretapgateway/” (if you have trouble navigating to this directory, use step 3 again, and then right-click where it says “bin” at the top of the Finder-window, and the go up two directory levels, to the “discreet” directory. Then just go into “wiretapgatway”.)

9. Delete the executable in that directory called “wiretapgateway”, and replace it with the one found in the PANTHEON-directory.

10. In the terminal window write:

cd /usr/discreet/wiretapgateway/

sudo chown root:wheel wiretapgateway

sudo chmod 777 wiretapgateway

11. You’re done! This worked for me! 🙂

pinfo at 2010-08-31 04:04 CET:

One more thing: If you are having trouble unpacking this on a Mac, I’ve heard UnRarX will do the trick.

miles_holt at 2010-09-11 07:08 CET:

password incorrect says “sorry, try again” for both terminal commands

Gott666 at 2010-09-17 15:20 CET:

password incorrect says “sorry, try again” for both terminal commands

“miles_holt”, Have you enabled, Root User?

If you don’t know, then you haven’t.

Do this:

Launch the, “Terminal”, App and type:

sudo passwd root

then enter a password,
and it will prompt you, to confirm your password.

That should take care of your problem.

rikardpah at 2010-12-06 08:37 CET:

Cheers pinfo for the installation info, worked out perfectly.
Now to next problem, have read that lot of people runs Smoke for fun on their Macbook pros, so thats what Im trying to do, it installs just fine BUT cant create a project or username as it only supports over 1920×1200 and my machine only do 1440×900, the idea of resetting to 32 mb system seemed to be the answer but does not do the trick…
Any solution anybody?

macman7606 at 2010-12-12 05:25 CET:

I have tried renaming these file 100 times, and keep getting the same CRC error. I have renamed them just like pinfo suggested and it keeps coming up with cant find .r00 but i have named them all in the correct order.. Can someone tell me what I may be doing wrong…

rikardpah at 2010-12-13 10:55 CET:

Hey macman7606, your not suppose to rename any files, just read what Pinfo wrote (I know its bit tricky cause all the ““”characters all over it), but its doable and works fine. The resolution problem is still there thoe…, the only way I found arround it is to shut lid of Macbook Pro and let it go to sleep, then put a USB device in and my secondary monitor comes to life with higher resolution and then just open the Macbook and its screen will stay off, so you can use the secondary monitor as prior.

Loay.aj97 at 2011-01-21 08:46 CET:

I Did all the Steps .. But Now The Program Isnt Starting Up .. Why Cant u Just Upload A Ready CracK????

nofil at 2011-01-30 10:09 CET:

nope… didn’t work for me. the application exited abnormally for me, too. then i tried the sudo stuff and when i do sudo passwd root it’s ASKING me for a password rather than allowing me to put in a new one.

nofil at 2011-01-30 10:11 CET:

i tried putting my standard mac os password but that didn’t work either

zFisherman at 2011-03-04 22:22 CET:

Hi everyone, UnrarX will do the trick so easily to upack this on Mac. Good Luck!


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