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autodesk smoke 2011 sp4

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Hi guys,

Installed fine after renaming file to dmg. Now while launching the app, I get the following error:

Service Monitor (Smoke Utilities):
* Can not start Stone+Wire
* License Server (ADLM): Can’t Start: No License File

Anybody have any input? There was only one file that was listed to be replaced.


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Start Terminal. Type the following line by line
Sudo -s
ls -la /usr/discreet/sw/swdb
rm /usr/discreet/sw/swdb/__db.part0.db. (or anything that looks similar)
rm -rf part0.db
rm -rf part1.db
sudo /usr/discreet/sw/sw_restart

This should work.


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Originally Posted by alog
thanxx Donkey … but i have the same problem

– Can’t Start License Server (ADLM) on Service Monitor

i tried your SOLUTION, but it failed on the shell, i can’t write the lines after prompt
Last login:–
[localhost:my name$

please explain how use and write these lines on terminal…
I forget to mention that I did a full uninstall first.
Deleted logs and left over files in /usr/Smoke
Installed Smoke
Overwrote libadlmint.dylib fine one by one

At this point, start
type in, don’t copy paste…:
Sudo -S
Enter password

Repair permissions of the libadlmint.dylib files in both lib and lib64 locations, to do this you will need to type the path to each file
-chmod -R 755 libadlmint.dylib
-chown -R root:wheel libadlmint.dylib

Now, Smoke/Wire database needs to be clean, so type the following in terminal.

ls -la /usr/discreet/sw/swdb

Attempt to delete all files in this dir.

rm -rf /usr/discreet/sw/swdb/__db.part0.db. (or anything that looks similar)

rm -rf /usr/discreet/sw/swdb/part0.db
rm -rf /usr/discreet/sw/swdb/part1.db

Smoke/Wire service needs to be restarted, so:
sudo /usr/discreet/sw/sw_restart

Try running Smoke now. It should work.

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Are you saying u can start Licence Server (ADLM) ? There is no licence file found for me … i am using this last method installed sp4 demo and replaced the 2 lib files with a medicated one that someone posted here? I am confused… everything is working but when i connect my machine on internet then it takes some time to load gets stuck on NETWORK: Getting the framestore list and it hangs there for a minute or so. If I turn the router off then its working fine? Any suggestions?

And where can we get extension 1 that was shown at IBC

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thanks so much,Donkey

but i tried and failed again !! “ADM licence file : server hostname not responding” and License Server ADLM keeps RED … my workstation is not connected on the web

“Deleted logs and left over files in /usr/Smoke”

which ? in usr/discreet/log/smoke2011SP4

“Repair permissions of the libadlmint.dylib files in both lib and lib64 locations, to do this you will need to type the path to each file
-chmod -R 755 libadlmint.dylib
-chown -R root:wheel libadlmint.dylib ”

where can i type the path to each file for permissions, i open them with terminal, or else ??

.. I was going crazy!

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it won’t show that it’s licensed but the application should load

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Hey there,

So I forgot to mention that the adml license will not start or it will show as stopped/red. Just run Smoke and it should work.

As far as the commands, you have to type them in


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awesome release, tried and worked.

1. install smoke sp4,
2. must be restart before you replace libadlmint.dylib
(or else, you wont be able to open smoke, “smoke will be exited abnormally”)
3. start smoke sp4 once & it will ask for license
4. cancel/ close smoke, then replace libadlmint.dylib
(press command + Shift + G (go to Folder),
type /usr & enter to log on the hidden files)

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i exactly followed the instructions, again…
start smoke SP4 then startup complete
but can’t import media with network
i try to open the network menu to access clip libraries on the network
my clip libray keeps empty after clicking Network button

(in Autodesk report ADM license found
ADM license locator : “server hostname not responding”)

do you know where problem comes from?
can you figure out witch part I’m doing wrong???

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you need to get hidden files, so write to the terminal :
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder
if you finished to overwrite the files, change TRUE to FALSE:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE
killall Finder

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