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Quick way to level out audio in Audacity

  1. select all the audio
  2. goto effect – compressor
  3. Set these parameters: Threshold -60 db, Noise Floor -40 db, Ratio 10:1, Attack Time 0.20 secs, Release Time 1.0 secs, unchecked Compress based on Peaks
  4. Click Ok
  5. Smile!


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batch processing in Audacity

  • Create batch:

  1. goto FileChainsEdit chains
  2. click Add (left column bottom) and name it as desired
  3. click Insert (right column bottom), pick any effect you wished and Edit Parameters to edit the parameters. Repeat the same for different effects.
  4. OK to finish.
  • Apply batch: 

  1. goto File ChainsApply chains. Pick any chain you wish
  2. Click Apply to Files to select multiples files
  3. The processed files will outputted in cleaned folder located in the same location as the source.
  4. Have a nice pleasant day!


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