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save gmail as pdf from ios gmail app

  1. open email
  2. click right top radio button
  3. select “Print all”
  4. select “google cloud print”
  5. save to google drive
  6. click save
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batch processing in Audacity

  • Create batch:

  1. goto FileChainsEdit chains
  2. click Add (left column bottom) and name it as desired
  3. click Insert (right column bottom), pick any effect you wished and Edit Parameters to edit the parameters. Repeat the same for different effects.
  4. OK to finish.
  • Apply batch: 

  1. goto File ChainsApply chains. Pick any chain you wish
  2. Click Apply to Files to select multiples files
  3. The processed files will outputted in cleaned folder located in the same location as the source.
  4. Have a nice pleasant day!


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number counter in AE

  1. Type number
  2. Activate layer and goto Effect – Expression Controls – Slider Control
  3. Open drop down layer – Source Text – Alt-Key press stopwatch
  4. Pick whip and drag it to slider control
  5. Set 2 keyframes on slider control in between to the desire numbers

To remove the decimals, modify the expression to:

From effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”) to Math.round(effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”))


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Autodesk Smoke export problem

Disable additional network interfaces

  1. Open System Preferences > Network and make sure only one network interface is enabled, preferably the one that was enabled when you initially installed Smoke.
  2. Then select the network interface in the left-hand pane and click Advanced in the right-hand pane.
  3. Make sure Configure IPv6 is set to “Link-local only” in the TCP/IP tab.
  4. Also, if you have installed Parallels Desktop, VMWare, Oracle VirtualBox or any other application that creates virtual network interfaces, try to temporarily disable those interfaces to see whether export starts working.
  5. Restart your Mac if you made any change to the network settings, then delete all stalled Backburner jobs and attempt to export again.


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The Essentials of Three-point Lighting

3 Points lighting

Photofocus (old site)

This article was cowritten with my friend James Ball

Three-point lighting is the basic starting point for film and video. It can also be used well as a portrait lighting approach for photography.  What’s ideally happening is that the subject is light in a way that illuminates their face (with one side more dominant) and some separation from the background. This method utilizes three light sources focused on the subject from different angles. Mastering this technique is the foundation for more advanced lighting strategies. This approach is the basis for portrait lighting, but it can be used in other situations as well.


Key Light

Ch05_Key1The key is generally your most intense light and is placed 15–45 degrees to the side of your subject. The main purpose of the key is to wrap the face in the appropriate quality of light based on the subject’s features and the story you want to tell.

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