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mac automation – itunes pl on startup

  1. Open iTunes create new Playlist (lets say myRadio)
  2. Add wanted radio station or songs
  3. Open Applications/
  4. Create Custom Workflow
  5. From Library choose Music
  6. Drag “Find iTunes Items
  7. In “Find:” field choose Playlist
  8. In “Whose:” field choose Name is equal to
  9. Type in your playlist name e.g. myRadio
  10. Drag “Start iTunes Playing
  11. Click Run to check if everything works fine
  12. If it does from File menu choose Save As
  13. In File Format: Field choose “Application
  14. Name it for example startRadio
  15. Click apple icon on your menu bar and then System Preferencess
  16. Accounts -> Login Items Tab -> +
  17. Add
  18. Check “Hide” checkbox
  19. Restart your Mac

Rainmeter – Dynamic/WorldTime

Go to website: Yandex Time

Enter the six cities you want, and then click the gear icon of each time, select “INFORMER”, and copy the number after geoid=  for each time zone.

Right click on the skin – Dynamic – Settings – Settings.ini

dynamic- worldtime

Enter those six numbers at the bottom of the “Feeds/Time” page in the “Settings\settings.ini” skin of Dynamic.
Click the current number, type in your number, and press “Enter” to update that clock.



pra ser sincero – marisa monte

Eu era tão feliz
E não sabia, amor
Fiz tudo o que eu quis
Confesso a minha dor)
E era tão real
Que eu só fazia fantasia
E não fazia mal
               C#m7     F#7(9)
E agora é tanto amor
               Cm7    F7(9)
Me abrace como foi
            C#m7 F#7(9) A#m7
Te adoro e você vem comigo
D#7(9)   G#            C7
Aonde quer que eu voe
E o que passou, calou
E o que virá, dirá
           Fm       Fm7M
E só ao seu lado, seu telhado
Fm7             Fm6
Me faz feliz de novo
O tempo vai passar
         C#m7 F#7(9) A#m7 D#7(9) G#             C7
E tudo vai entrar no jeito certo de nós dois
As coisas são assim
E se será, será
             C/Bb             Fm
Pra ser sincero, meu remédio é te amar, te amar
        C#m7      F#7(9)
Não pense, por favor
      Cm7        F7(9)
Que eu não sei dizer
         C#m7 F#7(9) A#m7 D#7(9) G#             C7
Que é amor tudo o que eu sinto longe de você


batch processing in Audacity

  • Create batch:

  1. goto FileChainsEdit chains
  2. click Add (left column bottom) and name it as desired
  3. click Insert (right column bottom), pick any effect you wished and Edit Parameters to edit the parameters. Repeat the same for different effects.
  4. OK to finish.
  • Apply batch: 

  1. goto File ChainsApply chains. Pick any chain you wish
  2. Click Apply to Files to select multiples files
  3. The processed files will outputted in cleaned folder located in the same location as the source.
  4. Have a nice pleasant day!


Source here


number counter in AE

  1. Type number
  2. Activate layer and goto Effect – Expression Controls – Slider Control
  3. Open drop down layer – Source Text – Alt-Key press stopwatch
  4. Pick whip and drag it to slider control
  5. Set 2 keyframes on slider control in between to the desire numbers

To remove the decimals, modify the expression to:

From effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”) to Math.round(effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”))