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batch processing in Audacity

  • Create batch:

  1. goto FileChainsEdit chains
  2. click Add (left column bottom) and name it as desired
  3. click Insert (right column bottom), pick any effect you wished and Edit Parameters to edit the parameters. Repeat the same for different effects.
  4. OK to finish.
  • Apply batch: 

  1. goto File ChainsApply chains. Pick any chain you wish
  2. Click Apply to Files to select multiples files
  3. The processed files will outputted in cleaned folder located in the same location as the source.
  4. Have a nice pleasant day!


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Adstream File Delivery Spec For MENA


adstream chart

1″ EBU Bars + 1KHz tone

7″ Slate

3″ Black

n” TVC

1″ Black

Clock/Slate info: 

  • Client
  • Product
  • Title
  • Duration
  • Audio
  • Language


Codec: Apple Quicktime ProRes 422, 1080/50

Interlacing: Upper/Top Field First

Frame Size: 1920 x 1080

Frame Rate: 25 FPS

Aspect Ratio: 16:9



Codec: Integer (Little Endian) PCM

Sample Rate: 48 KHz

Sample Size: 24 bit

Channels: Stereo



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the gears


ASUS N551JK 64x i7 2.50GHz 1 2501 Mhz 8GB RAM Microsoft Windows 10 Home 

Drive C: Operating System NTFS 372.60 GB

Drive D: Data NTFS 573.80 GB



Mac Pro 2013

OS Sierra 10.12.6

Processor 2.7 GHz 12 Core Intel Xeon E54

Memory 64 GB 1866 DDR

Flash Storage 999.38 GB

External 16 TB SATA Disk

Graphics AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB 

Monitor Apple Thunderbolt 27-inch (2560 x 1440)

AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB



Mac Pro 2012

OS Sierra 10.12.6

Processor 2 x 2 GHz 6 core Intel Xeon

Memory 32 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 (8 x 4GB memory slots)

Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB

Storages Macintosh HD 999.35, Media2 2TB, Media3 2TB, Media1 2TB

Monitor Apple LED Cinema 27-inch (2560 x 1440) ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB Graphics

Smoke 2010 sp3

Linux KDE 3.3.1-3.14 Red Hat x86 64

Processors 8 x Intel Xeon X5460 @3.16 GHz  

  1. 98.7
  2. 144.6 GB
  3. 2 TB


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number counter in AE

  1. Type number
  2. Activate layer and goto Effect – Expression Controls – Slider Control
  3. Open drop down layer – Source Text – Alt-Key press stopwatch
  4. Pick whip and drag it to slider control
  5. Set 2 keyframes on slider control in between to the desire numbers

To remove the decimals, modify the expression to:

From effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”) to Math.round(effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”))


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VLC: Video stuck and freezes while playing HD or higher resolution

  1. Open VLC
  2. Go to ToolsPreferences
  3. Click Reset Preferences
  4. OK to Confirm
  5. Again, go to Tools – Preferences
  6. Select All for show settings
  7. Scroll down (left pane), go to Video – Unchecked Drop late frames & Skip frames
  8. Again, scroll down (left pane), go to Output modulesVideo output module – select Direct 3D video output.
  9.  Click Save
  10. That’s it!