widgets on mac desktop

Move widget to the desktop:

– Enable developer mode

Terminal: defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES


– Restart desktop

Terminal: killall Dock


– Drag widget back in

F12 – add widget by click the widget and drag it over the desktop while press F12.

To remove widgets from the desktop:

Move it back to Dashboard and click (-) sign

To move back widget to the Dashboard:

drag widget while press F12


Disable developer mode

Terminal: defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode NO


Terminal: killall Dock





mac automation – itunes pl on startup

  1. Open iTunes create new Playlist (lets say myRadio)
  2. Add wanted radio station or songs
  3. Open Applications/Automator.app
  4. Create Custom Workflow
  5. From Library choose Music
  6. Drag “Find iTunes Items
  7. In “Find:” field choose Playlist
  8. In “Whose:” field choose Name is equal to
  9. Type in your playlist name e.g. myRadio
  10. Drag “Start iTunes Playing
  11. Click Run to check if everything works fine
  12. If it does from File menu choose Save As
  13. In File Format: Field choose “Application
  14. Name it for example startRadio
  15. Click apple icon on your menu bar and then System Preferencess
  16. Accounts -> Login Items Tab -> +
  17. Add startRadio.app
  18. Check “Hide” checkbox
  19. Restart your Mac